Keynote Speakers

Sybilla Lenz
Positive Living By Design

Keynote Title – Entrepreneurship & Energy


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Chris Satullo
Keystone Civic Ventures, LLC

Keynote Title – Redraw The Lines


Ever been on a job interview?  So you have a sense of how they’re supposed to go. But the regular job interviews known as elections have gotten out of whack lately.

The self-interest of candidates runs roughshod over the needs of the legitimate bosses of democracy, the voters.  A key cause of this problem is the practice known as gerrymandering.  In recent years, technology has enabled political operatives to take this partisan practice nuclear – nowhere more so than in our own state.  A new initiative called Draw the Lines PA hopes to turn the situation around – by putting the key technology and data in the hands of ordinary voters and students.  Learn about what Draw the Lines PA is up to from the person running the initiative.

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Marc Gonzalez

Presentation Title – Cyber Hygiene


According to the Better Business Bureau, only 35% of business owners say they could remain profitable
for more than three months if they permanently lost access to essential data. Entrepreneurs often
believe that their businesses are simply too small to be a target of cyber crime, yet their businesses
could be among the most vulnerable in the absence of proactive steps. Join Marc Gonzalez, a principal
at Site2, to learn about how you can take common sense steps to protect your business and employees
with good cyber hygiene practices!

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366952-7d75687c-56d8-332b-1_speakerMandy Pennington
Net Driven

Presentation Title – Build Audience Understanding through Personas


You’ve heard about target audiences, but have you explored personas? Personas are a powerful tool for you to use in crafting more engaging customer journeys, stronger marketing messages, and customer service practices that wow. In this session, we’ll talk about what personas are, how to make them, and how to apply them to your business strategy.

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366952-a1430d62-b937-5510-8_speakerJerry Lisman
Lisman Holdings

Workshop Title – Selling On Amazon



Are you interested in building a sales business on Amazon? If so, join this workshop to learn the “Do’s and Don’ts” from a successful third party sales company. Workshops topics will cover expectations for margins, fees, and profitability potential as well as the pros and cons of Self-fulfillment or Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

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Ryan Hetel

Workshop Title – Social Media, Where is it Going ?


Social Media should be pretty simple right? Then why is trying to utilize it so complicated? Ryan from Socialocca explores the ‘future’ of what social media is becoming and discusses why it’s imperative to cultivate a social media presence to achieve success.

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366952-2f59ad47-83b7-7156-5_speakerMarty Wolff – Co-Presenting with Bob Courtright
Executive/Business Coach, Business Builders Show Podcast

Workshop Title – Intentional Networking



Networking is not schmoozing. Networking is the process of sharing and engaging for the benefit of you and others. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just getting started, join workshop hosts Marty Wolff and Bob Courtright to discuss tips and strategies for creating networking opportunities that produce real, satisfying, results.

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366952-4d5a8104-dd50-d76c-9_speakerBob Courtright – Co-Presenting with Marty Wolff
Courtright & Associates, Inc.



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Learning Sessions

Terry Jones, CPA
Jones Kohanski

Learning Session Title – Best Practices Looking Through the Eyes of a CPA


Ever wonder what mistakes accountants see all the time? How about the little things that make a big difference in highly successful businesses? Join a CPA and business founder to hear his thoughts and answer your questions on how to best position your venture for success.

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Tony Bartocci
Posture Interactive

Learning Session Title – Online Reputation


Are you obsessed with your business’ online reputation?!? You should be! Take control of your digital footprint before a consumer controls it for you. In this session we’ll discuss the importance of generating authentic reviews, consumer buying habits, streamlined business listings, current online profiles and why on earth you don’t have all this under control already!!

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Alicia Tompkins

Learning Session Title: Let’s Get A Loan



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John Megargell

Learning Session Title – Website Analytics



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Jordan Galasso
Fit A.F

Session Title – Nutrition as a Competitive Advantage


Eating healthy goes beyond just wanting to look good naked, it impacts the most valuable asset to your company, your mindset. Constant battling with the inability to focus or maintain emotional stability are just two things that can inhibit your growth and ultimate success as a business owner. And they are both affected by what you eat.

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Panel Discussion – Sales is Not a Four Letter Word

Cyndi Montigney
National Enterprise Account Manager
Comcast Business



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Frank Segarra



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Kenneth Okrepkie
Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NEPA




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BPC Teams


Solid Dynamics, LLC

Nexus Valley Solutions