Keynote Speaker

Kris Jones
Serial Entrepreneur

Keynote Title – Why Not Us? Why Not Here? Why Not Now?


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Wendy Koba, Esq.

Workshop Title – Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights 101




Are you thinking about a new product or service idea that might have a unique aspect to it that should be protected as intellectual property? This workshop will focus on de-mystifying some of the common misconceptions about patents, trademarks and copyrights as well as the process for acquiring them. Additional topics to be addressed include what costs an entrepreneur should expect and how long the process can take.

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366952-7d75687c-56d8-332b-1_speakerMandy Pennington
Net Driven

Workshop Title – Website Deconstruction



Just because you built one, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Having a website is an essential part of presenting your business to the world, but it’s key to make sure that it’s a GOOD one. Not only that, but your website is the only online property where you can truly own your business information. In this session, we’ll talk about the basics of what makes a good website, how your website appears in search results, quick wins to get found and drive traffic, and how to analyze your website traffic for greater success.

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366952-a1430d62-b937-5510-8_speakerJerry Lisman
Lisman Holdings

Workshop Title – Getting Your Product to Market



Getting a new product or idea to market involves many moving pieces. This workshop will focus on many of the factors to be considered in the GO TO MARKET planning process and provides a hands-on learning experience to help you develop a plan that successfully gets your product on and off the shelves. Learn TWO KEY ESSENTIALS that many entrepreneurs overlook in formulating their product readiness and GTM strategies.

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Tony Bartocci
Posture Interactive

Workshop Title – Online Reputation, Who Is Writing Your Story?


Are you obsessed with your online reputation? You should be! What brand are you building for yourself and how could it impact you or your future career in business? In this session, we’ll discuss your personal digital footprint, brand influencers, streamlined business profiles, user reviews and how these aspects could make or break a business.

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366952-2f59ad47-83b7-7156-5_speakerMarty Wolff – Co-Presenting with Bob Courtright
Executive/Business Coach, Business Builders Show Podcast

Workshop Title – Intentional Networking



Networking is not schmoozing. Networking is the process of sharing and engaging for the benefit of you and others. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just getting started, join workshop hosts Marty Wolff and Bob Courtright to discuss tips and strategies for creating networking opportunities that produce real, satisfying, results.

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366952-4d5a8104-dd50-d76c-9_speakerBob Courtright – Co-Presenting with Marty Wolff
Courtright & Associates, Inc.




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Panel Discussion – Getting Started

Michele Dempsey
Founder and President



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Tom Comerota



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Marc Gonzalez



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