366952-a1430d62-b937-5510-8_speakerJerry Lisman
CEO Lisman Holdings

What’s In a Box? A Packaging and Shipping Overview

Just about every product needs a package….cookies, toothpaste, Band Aids, remote controls, pens, televisions and computers….you get the idea.  Even items that don’t require packaging need identifying information.

Packaging can range from very expensive retail packaging to corrugated boxes and bubble packs.  How do you decide what is “right” for your product?

Join this session to learn more about:

  • The role packaging plays in telling your story.
  • The impact that distribution strategies can have on packaging decisions.
  • How packaging can affect price competitiveness.
  • Where packaging decisions need to reside in the product development lifecycle.

This is a “must attend” session for anyone making, selling, or distributing products.

Jerry Lisman is Chief Executive Officer of Lisman Holdings, a diversified operating company with expertise in medical product sales, online retailing, and contract packaging. Jerry has over 35 years of sales, marketing, and operations experience with leading medical and distribution companies.

Jerry is an active mentor at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Wilkes University where he spends time working with students, faculty, and staff to develop companies from inception to commercialization.

Giving back to the community is important to Jerry and he has a particular passion for helping high school students prepare for the tecBRIDGE High School Business Plan Competition. Jerry also serves on the advisory board of several startups and early-stage companies in the region and is a Director Emeritus of Big Brothers and Big Sisters of the Bridge.

Ask him about his latest (ad)ventures with children’s winter wear accessories, spirit fundraising and  consumer products.

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Larry Puleo
Founder and President, MLP Consultants

Planning as a Competitive Advantage

Larry’s philosophy is that project management should be an integrated core management process that incorporates the strategic, developmental and tactical levels of an organization to improve strategic business investment execution capabilities resulting in the change needed to move companies forward and gain competitive advantage.

Larry Puleo is a certified project manager (PMP) and president of MLP Consultants, LLC a company that focuses on helping companies execute their strategies. Larry has over thirty years of portfolio, program and project management experience and has launched, led and managed 90+ strategic initiatives in the financial, healthcare, manufacturing, and insurance and software development industries.

Larry is a change agent and an active listener with effective influencing and negotiation skills to challenge the status quo, make things happen and get results. He uses a rigorous oversight process of documentation, communication and follow up to hold people accountable at all levels to ensure the things that people said would get done actually get done.

He enjoys mentoring in the project management and leadership development arenas and has mastery level consulting skills, change integration experience and considerable organizational and process improvement skills. Larry is an annual speaker at the University of Scranton and has presented at various industry conferences. Larry authored a monthly Project Management article for the Northeastern Pennsylvania Business Journal from 2007 to 2013.

Larry is a member of the:

  • Project Management Institute
  • Association for Change Management Professionals
  • Industrial Advisory Board for the University of Scranton

Ask him how it feels to be a new grandfather.

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366952-2f59ad47-83b7-7156-5_speakerMarty Wolff – Co-Presenting with Bob Courtright
Executive/Business Coach, Business Builders Show Podcast

Intentional Networking

Networking is not schmoozing. Networking is the process of sharing and engaging for the benefit of you and others. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just getting started, join workshop hosts Marty Wolff and Bob Courtright to discuss tips and strategies for creating networking opportunities that produce real, satisfying, results.

Marty Wolff is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and business journalist. In addition to his coaching and consulting practice, Marty hosts a regional radio show, Business Leaders Radio and a nationally recognized podcast, the Business Builders Show. Marty’s skill in securing well-known guests for his shows are a direct result of his skills as a master networker. Marty is on the board of the Northeast PA Networkers.

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366952-4d5a8104-dd50-d76c-9_speakerBob Courtright – Co-Presenting with Marty Wolff
Courtright & Associates, Inc.

Robert J. Courtright is President of Courtright & Associates, Inc., a retained executive search consulting, business development & outplacement firm, located in Scranton, PA. Mr. Courtright founded the firm in 1989. He also offers business, Networking & Linkedin consulting services. He is Chairman of the Northeast PA Networkers.

It has become obvious to students who are graduating high school and/or college that a diploma is no longer a bridge to a successful life or career. The ability to understand and implement networking skills are vital for personal and professional success. This also pertains to individuals already in the workplace who want to do better where they are at now or to move on to a new opportunity. This workshop is designed to go beyond fundamental networking and will teach you how to not only connect with people but positively influence them.

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Wendy Koba, Esq.

IP Mistakes

Are you thinking about a new product or service idea that might have a unique aspect to it that should be protected as intellectual property? This workshop will focus on de-mystifying some of the common misconceptions about patents, trademarks and copyrights as well as the process for acquiring them. Additional topics to be addressed include what costs an entrepreneur should expect and how long the process can take.

Wendy Koba has over thirty years of experience as a patent attorney, the last fourteen in private practice. Prior to that Wendy worked as a patent attorney with AT&T Bell Labs for nineteen years. Wendy focuses her practice on the preparation of patent applications, and the development of patent portfolios for a variety of clients, including start-up companies, individuals and corporate clients. Wendy works with Pennsylvania’s Ben Franklin Technology Center and Keystone Industrial Zone organizations, assisting their various new venture clients in obtaining patent protection.

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Kevin Jones
CEO, Creative Director, Entrepreneur & Educator

Storytelling with Augmented Reality

The future of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) is upon us and the next several years look to be full of engaging immersive experiences; changing the way we consume digital information and interact with the world around us. With Increasing device penetration and advancements in internet connectivity, emerging technologies in the areas of AR, VR and MR are driving innovation especially in interactive marketing, data visualization, augmented tourism and interactive learning. Transmedia storytelling synthesizes these innovations with your custom data and content; creating a powerful story experience.

So, what’s your transmedia story and how will you share it?

Kevin has over 26+ years of experience in Broadcast, Digital Design/Media, Social Media, Advertising, Marketing, UI, UX, IAR, VR, MR, IR, Interactive Media and Educational Media.

Kevin started his digital media career as a Paintbox Artist for Creative Services at the NBC O&O WCAU NBC 10 in Philadelphia. He gained valuable knowledge in design, form and function while working on station looks, news looks, program packages, digital content for on-air and on-line for both national and international productions. Soon after Kevin co-founded, Anarchy Digital LLC a digital content creation company that specialized in creating pilot reality series, marketing materials and production sizzle reels for broadcast networks. In 2001, he began teaching multimedia at Luzerne County Community College in the Communication Arts Department and later became the department coordinator. He continued to expand his experience by working with several advertising and digital media firms. During this time he partnered with Rhino Media and produced the documentaries “The Battle of Wyoming” and “A Century of Excellence – The Pennsylvania State Police” along with many interactive projects.

Kevin quickly made a name for himself in the industry as an expert in new and emerging technologies moving up the corporate ladder as an award winning Creative Director, Executive Production Director, Editor, Animator and Interactive Content Producer creating engaging digital content, positioning companies, products and services for maximum ROI and building consumer engagement with every project he completed.

He returned to Broadcast Media as Director of On-Air Promotions then promoted to Creative Director working on a wide range of documentaries, series programming and national projects. He was an integral part of the team working with large media clients and international companies producing a wide range of engaging and interactive experiences, sizzle reels, television pilots, reality series development/pitch packages, web series, custom graphics and animation(s), graphic design, online development.

Through his years of working in network/broadcast and private media industries Kevin honed his creative skills and developed a love for the craft of immersive digital content and educational interactive experiences. Throughout his career Kevin has had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from the best artists and multi-media content producers in the industry expanding his knowledge in creating captivating and compelling content across all mediums and platforms.

Kevin has developed a keen eye for creating multifaceted immersive experiences and producing award winning engaging digital content. He founded Oglii Interactive in 2010 to create interactive experiences for a variety of organizations and companies. In 2017, he decided to pivot Oglii Interactive with a mission, to create extremely rich interactive content that raises awareness, fuels engagement and enhances education. He founded VizVibe LLC a transmedia storytelling company that specializes in the technique of telling a multi faceted story across multiple platforms and formats using AR, VR and IR. VizVibe LLC creates content to enhance the overall visitor experience for museums, tourism, education and events.

Let’s create something amazing!

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