Keynote Speaker

Dr. Bernard Prusak
Professor of Philosophy and Director of the McGowan Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility
Kings College

Social Entrepreneurship – Redefining Innovation and Impact


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Breakout Sessions

Ryan Hertel

Branding 101


What is Branding actually? Join Ryan Hertel, Dallas High School grad and founder of Socialocca, a digital creative agency, as he explores creating experiences with your target audience that define who you are, what you do, and why it is valuable. Since he’s also an accomplished DJ and musician, ask him to do a personal case study on how he juggles all of his entrepreneurial brands!

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Jocelyn Sterenchock
Coordinator of Entrepreneurial Services

Top Entrepreneurial Mistakes


We all make mistakes. Entrepreneurs seem to make some of the same ones over and over again. Join this breakout session to explore some of the most common entrepreneurial mistakes and learn from others on how to avoid pitfalls that can derail your success.

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Lauren Beppler
Community Engagement Specialist
NET Credit Union

Corporate Finance Starts With Personal Finance


Taking your business idea to the next level often starts with the reality of digging in own your pocket.  Join Lauren to learn more about the importance of personal finance basics including:

  • What is a credit score and why is it important?
  • How does someone qualify for a credit card and when can you open a personal checking account?
  • What are the good habits you need to start with (and the bad ones to avoid!)

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Holly Pilcavage
Director of Operations and Business Development
Coal Creative

Artists are Entrepreneurs Too 


Entrepreneurship comes in many forms.

Do you have a passion for writing, art, film, or some other creative avenue?  Join Holly Pilcavage, one of NEPA’s foremost arts activists, to learn more about how to connect with fellow regional creatives and also explore various pathways to achieve your artistic dream.  

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366952-2f59ad47-83b7-7156-5_speakerMarty Wolff – Co-Presenting with Bob Courtright
Executive/Business Coach, Business Builders Show Podcast

International Networking


Networking is not schmoozing. Networking is the process of sharing and engaging for the benefit of you and others. Whether you are an experienced professional, or just getting started, join workshop hosts Marty Wolff and Bob Courtright to discuss tips and strategies for creating networking opportunities that produce real, satisfying, results.

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366952-4d5a8104-dd50-d76c-9_speakerBob Courtright – Co-Presenting with Marty Wolff
Courtright & Associates, Inc.



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We’re Launching

Mike Grobinski




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