Additive Manufacturing Growing in Popularity from Grade School through College

NEPIRC, Northeastern Pennsylvania Industrial Resource Center, is a not-for-profit organization that has been providing world-class professional services exclusively to manufacturers throughout northeastern and northern Pennsylvania since 1988. NEPIRC is one of our Gold Sponsors of the 1st Annual Innovation Conference. NEPIRC provides a variety of consulting services relative to the additive manufacturing field including revenue growth, operational excellence, industry certifications, leadership development, business strategy & financing, and supply chain optimization. Their commitment to the future generation of additive manufacturing employees is fueling their commitment to our conference.

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What is the importance of Additive Manufacturing and 3D printing to NEPA region?

Regional manufacturers are already using additive manufacturing technology to prototype new products, validate product designs with customers and create short-run customized products. At the same time, entrepreneurs, artists and “makers” from all walks of life are utilizing 3D printing resources located at schools, incubators and innovation centers to develop new products, create one-of-a-kind pieces and validate customer response to potential new business ventures. The technology has found its way into grade schools, high schools and colleges – becoming an increasingly important (and popular!) part of the student experience. 

What are the growth opportunities for Additive Manufacturing?

There are many ways in which Additive Manufacturing can be a catalyst for economic growth. It has the capability to accelerate the pace of entrepreneurial growth as businesses can more quickly and affordably prototype, validate and refine new product ideas. The technology can give our manufacturers a competitive advantage by enabling them to work with customers on customized designs and part consolidation efforts. It is fueling renewed interest in STEM careers – jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math – with in our students and leading to the creation of maker-spaces and innovation labs all throughout our region.  

Is there real job growth from Additive Manufacturing?

Knowledge and expertise in the field of Additive Manufacturing will prove valuable in our region’s future job market. According to the Manufacturing Institute, while 71% of manufacturers are currently applying 3D printing technology in some way or intend do to so in the future, nearly one-third of manufacturers do not have on-staff expertise needed to fully explore its potential. As more and more manufacturers embrace Additive Manufacturing, they’ll need well-trained employees and workers familiar with the technology and related software.

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