Back to School with Cracked Innovations!

Cracked Innovations is excited to announce a new partnership with Lackawanna College’s Business School. Cracked Innovations, winners of the 2017 Business Plan Competition are joining Lackawanna’s Entrepreneurship II (E2) course as part-time guest lecturers.

E2 is a new class for bachelor’s degree students, and a follow-up to their business theory curriculum, which was introduced in E1. With an estimated 25 students enrolled, this second course is designed to put what they learned the previous semester into practice. The course is built around experiential learning, and will feature practical advice on how to build and implement a business plan.

The course’s main project will circle around WhatNow, the social media and events app created by Cracked Innovations. The class will be working in groups to figure out the best way for WhatNow to pivot their business model into one that creates value for Lackawanna College and its stakeholders, and then pitch their business plans.

Lackawanna College’s business chair, Alicia Burns, is optimistic about the partnership. “We always emphasize the importance of real-life learning to our students, and Kevin and Candace will be great mentors,” she said.

“We think this is a fantastic opportunity on all sides,” said Kevin. “We have a lot to offer to Lackawanna College’s students and faculty with both our story and our platform, and we’d love to hear their thoughts on how to make our app better.”

In addition to evaluating the pivot project, Cracked Innovations will spend time with the students in two different sections of the Entrepreneurship 2 course during the spring semester. They will provide guidance on the project, partner with the instructors, and help to answer questions from students throughout the class. Keep following and for more updates.