Besta Both Worlds

As winners of the 2013 Northeast Business Plan Competition, Shawn Whitiak and Michell Mendez are all about creating sustainable business models. Founded on the goal of “providing the world with innovative and renewable products,” Besta Cork’s primary focus is radical product design utilizing one element: the Alcornoque Tree, or for the layman, cork. Some of their products include CorkIt flowerpots, which are entirely bio-degradable and the Acorn Chair for children. Working out of Tek Ridge, the pair of entrepenaurs have made a commitment to building a company that keeps the environment in mind at all times, while taking advantage of the opportunities presented by the BPC and TecBridge. Shawn Whitiak believes “…the Business Plan Competition gave me that entrepreneurial drive and the support to make my company dream into a reality.” Currently in talks with Wegman’s, Whole Foods, Weis Markets and Everything Natural, the duo looks to take their corky dream nationwide. We congratulate Besta on their win and wish them continued success as they spread the good environmental word!