BPC19 Poem

It’s the day after Live Finals all through N-E-P-A,

Eight BPC19 Finalist teams aren’t sure what to say.

They pitched and they parried leaving all on the floor,

Four and a half hours of selling and we all wanted more.

You see in NEPA, there’s ‘trep game no doubt.

19 years of Champions lends that statement some clout.

Sanofi was there as from the start,

The generosity of our sponsors, it warms my heart.

Shark Tank and venture have resulted for some.

The judges were raving so there’s more to come.

Details you say now that you’ve come this far,

Earl and Emma from King’s set the bar.

Jarrod and Rafael, they’re doing what?

Wilkes and APKC deserve a cut.

The trick question by Mary didn’t leave a mark,

Joey and Erin calmed hit it out of the park.

Then it was the early stage companies turn in the ring.

New judge Chris kept wondering if he had to sing.

Amber went first and she’s new to our town,

Keep an eye on Love, Kaki, because they throw down.

Patents Hacks and soil tech made quite a nice pair,

Trevor, Rob and Royce were up to the dare.

Krista went last, spent grains were her thing.

Tom missed the pitch but don’t worry I have the video. ?

FNCB, MVM, Berkshire, Prudential and In-Kind galore,

Showcasing sponsors on social’s in-store.

Now you probably are wondering when do we announce who won?

Wins go beyond prizes and these teams aren’t done.

5pm, Thursday, April 29th we celebrate it all.

Our friends at Posture Interactive will make it a virtual ball.

Paul Browne, and HSBPC, HS Big Idea,

More details to follow so that we can see ya.

Hey Experts, and Mentors your teams got it right.


Why Not Us? Why Not Here? Why Not Now?


Written by Don Webster