Michael H. McHale
Chief Executive Officer
Production Systems Automation (PSA)

People, Process, and Equipment

How Automation and AI are changing the equation of how businesses operate.  Whether you are a manufacturing company, insurance broker, sales organization or restaurant, adoption of Automation and AI will propel your business or you will quickly fall behind your competitors.  Examples of actual business cases will show how adoption is speeding up and how text AI is changing business.

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Ted Brunelle
SciSwift, LLC

Revolutionizing the Custom Software Paradigm through A.I.

This talk will explore a substantially improved method of software development and project management, capitalizing on recent advances in technology and artificial intelligence (A.I). Based on an initiatives explored on behalf of the United States Special Operations Command (U.S. SOCOM) under a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract, exploring how to provide a better method of rapidly and securely developing outsourced software solutions. 

The project has given rise to potentially disruptive software analysis and management analytic methods that use artificial intelligence techniques to rate in real time software developers work products, monitor their performance, fingerprint their suitability for a project, and make recommendations to management. This talk will focus on the future of software development, and the use of Artificial Intelligence in project management.

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Rob Bresnahan
Kuharchik Construction

Adaptive Traffic Signals and Their Impact on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Kuharchik Construction has been on the leading edge of Intelligent Transportation Systems for over fifteen years. Join us to learn more about how traffic signals are connecting to your Bluetooth phones, tracking EZ Pass usage, and transmitting information to various data centers to implement more effective route planning.

Our presentation will explore how traffic signals operate from presence detection, timing, and behind the scenes technologies. Attendees will learn about Red Light Cameras, Variable Message Signs, and various other forms of Intelligent Transportation Systems. We will discuss how these technologies are being prepared to contend with autonomous vehicles and review recent legislation shaping how these systems will be implemented going forward.

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Jared Smigelski
Application Developer
Benco Dental


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Don Savner
Application Developer
Benco Dental


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Low Code Solutions for Rapid Prototyping, API Creation, and Mobile App Development

With over 330 field technicians providing field repairs and service for over 20,000 customers nation-wide Benco is leveraging low-code solutions to rapidly prototype cloud based applications for customers that enable them to better manage their equipment repair spending and to help prepare the Dental Industry for the impact of Internet-of-Things on the equipment repairs industry.

Leveraging a low-code solution we will show how you to expedite delivery of an API, create a maintenance tool to modify database records and ship a mobile application.

Jeff Pyros
2CGs Technology LLC

Better That it Never Even Happens

SERVPRO, one of the leading water cleanup and restoration services in the U.S., uses the tagline “Like it never even happened” to advertise its services.  A broken water pipe or major leak on an upper floor of a multistory building can result in damage to every floor all the way down to the basement. So wouldn’t it be better if “It never even happens?”  2CGs Technology’s custom leak detection system is reliable, scalable, and cost effective. It utilizes water-sensing cables to detect a leak and communicate with a controller that sends a text or phone message to building personnel pinpointing the leak location.  It can also shut valves to immediately stop the flow of water

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Kevin Jones
CEO, Creative Director, Entrepreneur & Educator

Transmedia Storytelling… “AR” You Ready?

The future of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) is upon us and the next several years look to be full of engaging immersive experiences; changing the way we consume digital information and interact with the world around us. With Increasing device penetration and advancements in internet connectivity, emerging technologies in the areas of AR, VR and MR are driving innovation especially in interactive marketing, data visualization, augmented tourism and interactive learning. Transmedia storytelling synthesizes these innovations with your custom data and content; creating a powerful story experience. 

So, what’s your transmedia story and how will you share it?

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Mandy Heard
Verde Mantis, LLC

Squashing The Learning Curve
“3D Printing” has become a leading buzz word for all things manufacturing. However, if 3D printing is the next big thing, why does adoption by industry and consumers remain low?

The truth is, the 3D printing learning curve is time consuming and costly. 

But how do we change that? Is it possible to make 3D printing easier than using a microwave?

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Michael Atchie
Managing Director of Project Outreach
Williams Companies, Inc

Investing in Pennsylvania’s Smart Energy Future

Williams Companies will discuss recent and future investments in “smart energy infrastructure” in the Commonwealth, including expansion projects which allow Pennsylvania-produced natural gas to reach markets in regions with growing demand for energy. Williams will discuss the benefits realized from a recent major project placed in service and discuss upcoming projects slated to expand the Transco system in years to come.

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Jim Barrett
President & CEO
Road Scholar Transport

Trucks are Smart Machines Too

Did you know that a new tractor trailer purchased in the last 5 years has 1000 times the computing power of the last space shuttle?  Trucks are smart machines with more artificial intelligence than most know. Onboard computers are constantly making decisions such as moderating RPMs to help with fuel consumption and automatically applying breaking to avoid collisions. There are benefits as a manufacturer to be aware of smart truck technology. Telematics, real-time environmental data, and geofencing can help plan production, ensure cargo security, and validate temperature controlled shipments  Awareness of regulations that often drives technology and auditing capabilities can help protect a shipper in vicarious labiality litigation and understand capacity restrictions due to hours of service. Join Jim Barrett of Road Scholar Transport and his 30 years of experience as CEO of Road Scholar Transport in an interactive presentation around these topics.

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Scott Williams
Converting Engineer Business Leader
The Procter & Gamble Company

Jose de los Rios
Public Relations Manager
The Procter & Gamble Company

Leveraging Technology in Manufacturing

The Procter & Gamble Company is the largest consumer products company in the world and its largest manufacturing plant is located in Mehoopany, PA,.  This invited talk will present an overview of the operations and local impact of the P & G Company Mehoopany Plant including how the facility and team leverage technology to achieve breakthrough results.

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