Entrepreneurship Institute Conference

Entrepreneurship Institute Breakout Sessions

Bob Courtright
Founder and President
Courtright & Associates

Intentional Networking

Everyone says we should be good at networking – but what does “good networking” really mean?

In this session, Bob will explain how to make your networking experience worthwhile – whether it’s for this conference or any future events you might have an interest in attending. Is it true that introverts are the best networkers? Do you know the one guiding principle for effective networking? Are you interested in just trying to get comfortable in a crowd?  

This one will be fun, entertaining, and valuable for everyone who attends. 

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Joe Halcisak


Ranek Technologies

The Cost of Creating Software, Estimating the Price of Your Idea

Early stage entrepreneurs often don’t know where to begin in finding the right software development partner – let alone how much it might cost to build a website, database system, app, or all of the above. In this session, Joe will provide a roadmap for you to get ready to work with prospective software development partners and decide on the right one for your project.

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Teddy Delaney

eSports Program Manager

Lackawanna College

eSports, An Entrepreneur’s Dream

eSports is new, high-energy, and exploding.  

In this session Teddy Delaney will explore eSports through an entrepreneurial lens – for gamers and non-gamers alike. For example, explosive growth can mean unprecedented opportunity, but it can also mean first-class challenges.   

Teddy will also offer his thoughts on the state of this emerging industry and what that can mean for NEPA. Hint: who is going to make all of this stuff happen going forward? Hint: We are.  

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Mandy Pennington 
Director of Digital Strategy
Wilkes University

This Meeting Should’ve Been an Email: 10 Ways to Be a Better Organizational Communicator

Whether you’re part of a team or leading a team, everyone can benefit from this session on why workplace communication can be such a challenge and how you can master it to save time, get more done, and feel less stress. We’ll explore common communication pitfalls (“Why aren’t we talking to each other?!), quick wins (I promise you’ll be better at email after this session), and simple tweaks you can make to your communication style without losing your authenticity.

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Katie Hestor

Assisting Business Incubator Manager

Alvernia University’s O’Pake Institute

NFTs in EDU: Acronym Soup or a Recipe for Success

There is a new renaissance in the world of the arts and institutes of higher education are paying attention. NFTs (or non-fungible tokens) are changing the traditional marketplace by creating opportunities for designers and businesses to create and sell digital assets through the metaverse.  

Alvernia University is taking this concept one step further by connecting students with traditional industries to revolutionize mainstream business.  

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Jeff Roth


Jeffrey Roth Insurance Agency

Entrepreneurs Take Risk, They Need to Manage It Too

Jeff Roth is a serial entrepreneur and first-class story-teller. 

In this session, Jeff will use his own experiences to discuss some of the basics of risk and insurance management that many aspiring entrepreneurs often fail to consider – and need to know.

Some of our Business Plan Competition judges view an entrepreneur’s approach to risk management as a key differentiator among competitors. Stop in to find out why.

If that’s not enough, invite Jeff to discuss his passion for watches. 

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