Entrepreneurship Institute Conference

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Carole Emilie Baddour
Assistant Professor and ABET Coordinator
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management

Wilkes University

Early Bird Special
Women in Engineering– Where we are and where we need to be


Although women have made gains over the last fifty years in STEM fields, they still lag far behind especially in the field of engineering. This talk will look at some of the reasons, address ways to help increase the numbers, and show why it matters to all the constituencies involved.

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Lindsay Griffin
Incoming President 
Greater Wyoming Valley Chamber of Commerce

Opening Keynote
We Want You!

Innovating Our Future Together in NEPA Through Engagement, Entrepreneurship, and Collaboration


To say the pandemic has brought significant challenges to our world is an understatement. And yet,  with those challenges, we have all seen accelerated innovation and collaboration to solve these challenges and forge a new way forward. Northeastern PA continues to face these challenges and now, we all have the opportunity to get engaged, reimagine our future and build back a sustainable and strong economy and community. Learn more about the resources, networks, and  how YOU can truly be a part of the change.

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