Episode 1 – Introductory Show ft. Don Webster

Airdate: 12/24/2016

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Great show!! Interesting and informative….learned a lot about TecBridge. Looking forward to future shows.

-Jerry Lisman

Excellent first episode. Looking forward to many more to come.

– Colin Devroe

I found the first show’s content to be very informative as to TecBridge’s organizational structure, purpose, activities and aspirational objectives.

-Gerald Ephault

Congrats Don on your new program — Why not here- Pawleys Island. Its warmer!

-Guy Guglielmi

Excellent way to set the baseline for a successful series and let the world know the purpose of tecBRIDGE. Great momentum building effort.

-Jim Roberts

Interesting new initiative! TecBridge is great. Our company won the TecBridge Business Plan competition in 2015, and it really helped us launch our business, DARTdrones.

-Abby Speicher

Nice work gentlemen. You’ve set a great stage and piqued my interest. Can’t wait for what you offer up next.

-Eric Pochas

Very Nice! Informative. Let’s continue to connect the dots in NEPA.

-Lucyann Vierling

Don and Marty, great job on the first show. I think this laid the groundwork for some interesting shows to come.

-Jeff Kimmel

This was a great first segment. It was very informational and explained the mission of TecBridge. “Why not us, why not here, why not now?” I look forward to hearing future episodes.

-Michelle Lehman