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Augmented Reality: The Possibilities “AR” Endless!

The future of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) is upon us and the next
several years look to be full of engaging immersive experiences; changing the way we communicate with
employees, students and consumers. These technologies are enhancing how we share and consume
digital information and interact with the world around us. With increasing device penetration and
advancements in internet connectivity, emerging technologies in the areas of augmented reality is driving
innovation especially in the education, retail, corporate, industrial and manufacturing industries. AR is a
powerful tool that can enhance training, safety, decrease down time and improve production time. It can
also be used in showcasing your products and services like never before through interactive marketing
materials, trade show experiences and customer communications. “AR” you ready to engage our world?

Kevin Jones 

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer at VizVibe

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Leverage Technology to Proactively Keep Schools Safe & Administration Compliant

Humans usually wait until there is a problem to work on a solution. For schools and universities, this action may come as a result of an unfortunate situation or lawsuit. Learn why it is best to take a proactive approach to plugging gaps before they allow an issue to arise, and how schools and universities nationwide are leveraging technology to keep their campuses safe and administration compliant as they take a proactive approach to preventing incidents before they occur.

Jay Sensi

Founder and CEO of Campus Kaizen

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The Secret Sauce in Making Science More Accessible. You?

Multiple studies have shown that it can take 17 years for scientific research to reach front-line practitioners. The decentralized and open science movement aims to make results more accessible by distributing how researchers, practitioners, and community members engage with data.  PubTrawlr is the next step in this movement. We provide an AI-powered synthesis layer to cluster and analyze thousands of abstracts to aid in the sensemaking process. And yet, this work is meaningless unless it contributes to actual use. This session will talk about our work to incorporate user experiences, question our assumptions, yet stay true to our values, as we blow open the doors of scientific accessibility.

 Dr. John Scaccia

CEO & President of PubTrawlR


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Reclaim the Corporate Classroom

Activate employees. Enable growth. Build an agile learning organization. Turn distracted workers into motivated teammates.

According to Stanford research, attention lasts eight minutes during virtual meetings. No doubt that attention is more fleeting for Gen Z who flip through TikTok at 18 videos per minute.

Who can focus on long sequences of talking heads and slides without yawning or checking social media?

REACHUM solves attention challenges, providing gamified experiences that keep learners deeply engaged for four times as long. Applying the principles of micro-learning in experiences that blend live and on-demand methods, continuous streams of choreographed activity convert students from passive viewers to highly engaged participants.

If you are involved in onboarding, corporate training, sales training, product launches, or upskilling, don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and techniques that are transforming leading organizations.

 Joy Lin

President and CTO of Click-Video

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Randall Tinfow

Managing Director of Click-Video

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Debt Runs the World: Educating H.S. Students on Good Debt Vs. Bad Debt 

The US Mortgage Notes, Inc sponsored “Debt Runs the World!” experience  focuses on engaging transformative financial literacy for youth education. This breakout session will demonstrate what awaits the students in the real world… Debt. With a participant audience of business professionals, students, teachers and administrators, the session will focus on the basics such as identifying debt; understanding debt; debt’s role in the local and global society, how debt is used as a profitable financial tool by creditors, and lastly how students can become creditors too!

By the end of this session, we hope that the experience will reveal that there are two sides to this debt coin and bring awareness to both the dangers and opportunities that debt provides. Our goals will be to empower students to eliminate negative stigmas surrounding debt, and enlighten students about the power, profitability, risk and their role in financial debt. We hope, at an early stage, to forever transform how these young adults process and engage with debt instruments and institutions.

Dr. Jason A. Engerman

Jason is the Chief Operating Officer for US Mortgage Notes, Inc. and asset manager.

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Jasmine Willois

Jasmine is the president of US Mortgage Notes, Inc. a mortgage trading platform, and co-host of the Naked Notes Podcast.

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Sustainable Workforce Development: The Innovation Behind the 10,000 Hour Approach 

Barry L. Schlouch, the founder and President of Schlouch Incorporated (SI), a site design and heavy civil construction firm with 285 employees headquartered in Blandon, Pennsylvania, will walk you through Schlouch’s method of employee training, mentoring, and retention which is underpinned by the belief that it takes 10,000 hours for a person to master a skill.
Using that approach, Barry and his wife, Deb, have built a culture at Schlouch that values employees’ learning and growth, which directly contributes to Schlouch Incorporated’s success.

Barry L. Schlouch

Barry is the founder and President of Schlouch Incorporated (SI)

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Empowering Scaled Economical, Mental and Emotional Wellness Solutions for Organizations 

GUIDE is an app that leverages proven strategies for mental and emotional wellness through a daily practice and peer support.  Our innovative solution leverages key scientific data around improving mental and emotional habits to increase engagement and reduce absenteeism and presenteeism for organizations by addressing sub-clinical mental and emotional issues for members.  We are led by a world-class team of entrepreneurs, human development practitioners and digital wellness pioneers.  We are seeking assistance from academic research partners and investors.

Patrick Sandone

Patrick is founder and president of guide
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Andy Roke

Andy is Corporate business manager of guide
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Demystifying Innovation: Inspiration from Stories, Bumps, and Bruises

This session is for anyone interested in facilitating innovation at their institution. It will provide specific, actionable strategies that individuals at all levels of an organization can use to innovate in their day-to-day practices. Learn from our mis-steps, false starts, and successes. Participants will learn how to ask reflective questions that lead to innovative results, how to promote a culture of innovative thinking among peers, and how to avoid innovation or initiative fatigue.

Stephanie Decker, AVP of Social and Economic Impact at Lackawanna College 
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Dr. Erica Barone Pricci Vice President of Academic Affairs at Lackawanna College
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