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Creating Financial Impact: It Comes Down to Confidence

Michael Cordaro

Alliance Wealth Advisors

There are lots of reasons why topics involving money make people uncomfortable.  From the financial industry to the education system, there is room for improvement across the board.  In particular, the financial industry does not do enough to help people filter out the noise and headlines from what actually matters.

At the core of this issue is a lack of confidence.  People simply don’t feel confident that they are making the right decisions. The result is a tendency to put these decisions off, or worse, making big mistakes.

The Center for Investor Education is the Alliance Wealth Advisors’ strategic response to improving financial confidence.  The goal is to change the way people think and talk about money.  Join Michael as he explores the Alliance vision to create a movement to help people improve personal finance outcomes while eliminating the anxieties associated with personal finance decisions.

Confidence is a strategy.

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Leading Through Transformational Technology: A Hospitality Industry Case Study

Abe Salam

Epic Revenue Consultants

This talk explores how cutting-edge technologies will transform the hospitality industry, enhancing guest experiences and reshaping operational efficiency. We’ll delve into key technologies like AI, VR and data analytics, highlighting their impact on personalized guest interactions, data driven decision-making, and industry competitiveness. Discover how embracing these technologies can unlock new opportunities for hospitality businesses in a dynamic market.

Who’s in Charge?

Sue Reilly

Family Business Alliance

Have you ever asked “Who’s In Charge Here?” at a retail establishment or possibly in your own organization?

Whether you are an entrepreneur with family funding, or a multi-generation business, you are making decisions with others.  Join Sue Reilly, Executive Director of the Family Business Alliance, as she explores five tools for leadership in a family business.

Finding Your Golden Thread

Maria Traino

Inspired Studio

Is it possible that the very thing driving your success is also what’s holding you back from achieving the next level?  In this session, learn how neuroscience can help uncover your individual success-blocker—your Golden Thread.

Having worked with hundreds of business owners and CEOs for two decades, Maria will weave the science of achievement and the art of fulfillment together in a way that leaves you curious about your own automatic belief system and how that can impact your personal leadership and innovation aspirations.

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Navigating Cyber Risks in an Age of Flexibility – A Leadership Call To Action

Marc Gonzalez

Site 2

As a leader, you don’t have a choice – you must respond to the innovation happening around you whether you like it or not.  Innovation, like mobility, work from home, and now artificial intelligence, are changing how people work.  As leaders, we must respond to change and emerging threats with the corporate governance and cyber tools to protect our sensitive information, our employees, and our stakeholders.

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Beyond Algorithms: The Art of Unearthing Talent

Dave Yeager


Showcase, a revolutionary music discovery platform, reimagines the industry by spotlighting emerging artists and fostering human connection. Led by Dave’s visionary approach, it aspires to transcend entertainment and become a transformative movement. By uniting artists, fans, and music lovers, Showcase aims to redefine the industry, igniting a new era of leadership innovation.

In this session, Dave will share how his team’s vision at Showcase empowers artists, drives innovation, and redefines music discovery at its core. Join Dave as he shares his personal journey of merging aspiration with action, driving this powerful movement forward.

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Bringing a New Aerospace Vision to NEPA

Michael Bloxton

Nebula Incubator

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