Innovation Conference Keynote Speakers

The Seven R’s of Leadership and Life

Angelo Valletta

President and CEO

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of NEPA

Angelo is the author of a new book, The Seven R’s of Leadership and Life, coming out this Fall. Can you guess what they are?  Angelo will speak to his personal mission to bring the seven R’s to every business and personal interaction.

Be prepared for this keynote to turn into an interactive discussion with the audience as Angelo is a people person and he wants to know what’s on your mind as much as share what is on his.

Angelo is the President and CEO of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern PA. In his role, Angelo has the opportunity to interact with NEPA “leadership innovation” on a regular basis and he will share his observations as seen through a new lens.

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Not in NEPA?

Matt Guedes

Executive Director

Camp Freedom

Think we can’t do anything we put our mind too? Matt would graciously suggest otherwise.

Matt has had the benefit of many journeys in his life and those experiences now play an important role with the work being done at Camp Freedom – a place that started as an idea and is now a thriving destination for American hero healing, volunteer growth, and community good. 

How can all of this happen? “Genuine culture”.

And so this journey together begins…

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Panel Discussion

Leadership Challenges Facing Academia and the Innovative Responses Required

Dr. Rodney Ridley

Alvernia University

Dr. Mary Lou D’Allegro


Dr. Kathleen Sottile


Dr. Erin Keating

Old Forge School District