JavaScript Developer Meetup

A new group is gathering to talk Java, but not the kind you get at a Starbucks.

NEPA.js is a newly founded meeting group for web developers centered on Javascript, a programming language used for websites to communicate between the browser and web server, among other things. JavaScript developers are highly sought after by employers

The group’s first meeting is Tuesday, November 15 at the Scranton Enterprise Center at 6 p.m.

The event is being organized by Mark Keith, a developer from California who is new to the region. He wanted the group to be a place for programmers to get together to work on a variety of different things related to the language to cultivate a community.

“JavaScript is a huge ecosystem that’s continuously growing and people are doing really neat things with it, so I wanted to bring that conversation to an area where JavaScript may still be developing.

NEPA.ja is open to developers of all skill levels and all backgrounds, with an emphasis on inclusion. Keith is hoping to use the first meeting as a chance to discuss some of the fundamentals of JavaScript, and to find people to take on bigger roles in the group. He hopes to find

“I want NEPA.js to be what it needs to be for the community. Whether that’s networking or help, or just a place to vent about coding problems,” Keith said.

More information, including future meetings can be found on the group’s MeetUp page. The plan is for NEPA.js to hold monthly meetings, but set dates have not yet been decided.

Refreshments will be served, and attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops and an eagerness to learn.

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