Jerry Lisman – 2020 McNally Mentor of the Year

The tecBRIDGE Team is proud to announce that Jerry Lisman is the 2020 Bill McNally Mentor of the Year Award recipient.

Jerry is the founder and CEO of Lisman Holdings, a consulting company that specializes in management, operations and distribution strategies of taking products to market.

“My hobbies include work and working,” laughed Jerry, who considers himself to be a “workaholic.”

Jerry’s entrepreneurial aspirations stems as early as high school when he started a small company of selling menus to restaurants.

During his early professional career, Jerry commuted from Northeastern Pennsylvania to various companies in Chicago where he worked with entrepreneurial companies and family businesses before bringing his talents back home.

“Jerry consistently looks to improve the skills, abilities, and aspirations of the people around him,” said Jim Roberts, Chief of Staff at Misericordia University. “He commits to projects and becomes fully vested in the individuals involved and the goals they’ve set.”

Jerry has worked with all different types of companies from Play-Doh to medical equipment as well as both small- and large-scale companies to high school students.

“Working with high school students is so rewarding, the learning opportunity really goes both ways” explained Jerry. “The young talent in NEPA is phenomenal.” He has been mentoring high school students from the Wilkes-Barre Area and Hazleton Area STEM Academies for the past two years.

Jerry’s ultimate goal of mentoring is to help promote the opportunities in the region for entrepreneurs and students graduating from our local universities. “I want to help people see the value in the area and want to stay,” he explained.

In addition to his business mentoring, Jerry is very active with the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation as well as one of our very own tecBRIDGE Committee Chair Member and Session Advisor for the Business Plan Competition.  

The Bill McNally award will be presented at the 18th Annual tecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition Awards Event this Spring at the F.M. Kirby Center. To watch this event, click here.