Kraken Boardsports at the 2016 Jersey Wakeoff

Mike Grobinski and Dan Lykens of Kraken Boardsports finished as the Wild Card Winners in the 2015 TecBridge Business Plan Competition. So, what have they been up to since and what is going on now?

Following the competition, both Mike and Dan graduated from Wilkes University with degrees in engineering. As Kraken, Mike has focused on mechanical engineering and manufacturing while Dan has specialized in electrical engineering and product development. Together, they form a dynamic team.

Since the competition, they have been constantly improving and mastering their product: a winch designed to pull a wakeboarder or snowboarder at high speeds even on dry land for practice and performance.

No water? No snow? No problem. And with the unpredictability of weather in the Northeast, their winch saves the winter seasons that provide little to no snow.

To show off their product, Kraken Boardsports will take to Lake Hopatcong in New Jersey for the second year in a row at the Jersey Wakeoff on August 13th. This time, they will be bringing their latest model to launch visitors off a five foot ramp as part of their sponsor display.

Jersey Wakeoff, a wakeboarding competition itself, also serves as an excellent outreach day for sponsors and companies like Kraken Boardsports to show off their products.

“It gives us a great chance to meet potential customers,” Mike explained, “a lot of board enthusiasts come around to the different displays, so we’ll have the chance to send a bunch of people off the ramp on our newest winch.”

Dan agreed and elaborated on the importance of being at an event like Jersey Wakeoff.

“We had a great experience last year, and, this year, we have an even better story to tell by showing interested customers our new online store and talking up some future product releases,” Dan said.

As Kraken Boardsports continues to prep for the 2016 Jersey Wakeoff, follow their journey on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Their winch product line and other merchandise are available on their store at