Got news?  Let’s share it with others.  TecBridge is promoting technology companies in the NEPA region by way of , the region’s newest blog, for positive media coverage happening here and now.  

Everyone has roots.  Roots symbolize strength– they anchor, supply nutrients, and are deeply established.  It will be the one go-to source readers can count on for their updates on the happenings of the area.  When making a connection, sharing a common bond is important and that is where Rooted begins. 

Our goal is to connect readers to one another and to the exciting things happening in the region.  Natives of NEPA can share in the strength of their roots, so we are showcasing tech companies and all their successes.  Having a blog as its forum, readers can access updates of companies in the area and comment on posts, allowing for the casual connection of one reader to another.  Unlike a monthly newsletter, readers can access information as it is released, stay engaged and top of mind with each other and the industry right here in NEPA.

Rooted is innovative, smart, and most importantly, reader-centric.  It aims to promote success in the area by creating a revolving door of sending and receiving knowledge and information.  Rooted is ready to prove NEPA’s strength.

If you are interested in learning how to showcase your company on Rooted please email Tiffany Cross-Luciani at tluciani@localhost.

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