The aim of the tecBridge’s first-of-its-kind for this area Regional Resource Portal (RRP) is to encourage technology transfer and commercialization in Northeastern Pennsylvania’s institutions of higher education.

The RRP comprises a database providing dynamic information from all 14 institutions of higher education in the region, including research, publications, faculty expertise, facilities, equipment, services and intellectual property.

Regional Businesses

Through the RRP, area business and industry can leverage the intellectual capital and resources available at member institutions to:

  • Perform sponsored research locally
  • Validate results using institution equipment
  • Forge partnerships with local research faculty
  • Transfer and commercialize technology

Regional Institutions of Higher Education

Local institutions of higher education will benefit from the RRP by having the ability to find peers with low-density skills for collaborative research locally, to share facilities, equipment, and services to maximize capital intensive investments, and to have a virtual showcase of intellectual property on display for transfer or commercialization.

The RRP also provides access to resources and opportunities like its Funding Funnel, which creates a single point of reference for researchers seeking funding, and its memorandum of understanding with the Penn State University Intellectual Property Agreement that gives members access to services that include but are not limited to:

  • Intellectual property market assessment
  • Development an intellectual protection strategy (patent, licensing, royalty agreements)
  • Active marketing of the intellectual property for transfer
  • Negotiation of agreements (NDA, confidentiality, disclosures, material transfer options)

And through the RRP, for the first time, research faculty across the region can achieve rapid communication and mutual support; talented students have the ability to locate faculty at any institution in regard to graduate assistantship and employment opportunities; and the successes of individual institutions, as well as the region as a whole, promote to internal and external sources, encouraging participation, partnerships, and publication.

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